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Business in the US has been the most competitive as ever made even harder by the outcome of the pandemic and the rising inflation rates. In times like these, you need an ally. Someone that can represent you when you can’t and where you can’t. What it that ally is not someone but something?

Reintroducing Adobers.Net’s Lokal directory, an online and printed resource guide that takes your business closer to the homes of your target customers. It stays longer within the Filipino households, and it can go wherever the community goes.

In Front of the Filipino Community

Lokal localizes your business in front of the customers. It prioritizes you within the Filipino community so you get the first impression the right way.

Convenience for Customers and You

Lokal maximizes technology so it is convenient for your and your customers to find each other. You get assigned a printed and online pages that work hand-in-hand, giving you a broader exposure.

More than an Investment

It turns your investment into a milestone with our revolutionary program that provides you with publicity in multi-channels all year round.

The #1 Filipino Resource Directory

Lokal is more than an ad

Not just an Ad

Compared to a brochure, a flyer on an ad in a newspaper, there’s more value in Lokal because it is a community resource guide that customers are more likely to keep than get thrown away.

Builds Customer Trust in Your Business

Builds Customer Trust

Apart from providing information to your customers, Lokal allows you get great reviews to help build your brand’s credibility in front of thousands of potential customers.

Lokal Filipino Printed and Online Directory

Works Multiple Ways

Lokal promotes your business in different platforms: printed resource, online directory, and social media. All these work together so you can make the most out of your investment.

Lokal Filipino Directory - Food and Restaurants, Law Firms, Dentists, Skin care, Med spa

Feature Full Page Ad

  • 8.5×5.5 inches full color ad
  • Distributed in select Filipino cities and events in parts of Southern California
  • Premium online listing upgrade for 1 year
  • Appear on special sections of the online directory
  • Assistance in getting testimonials on online listing
  • Social media spotlight


Introduction Video

  • Professionally recorded video 15-second video greeting embedded to your online listing
  • Royalty-free copy provided for you to use for other marketing purposes

Ad Design

  • 1 Professionally designed full page ad
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions

How does the printed version work with the online directory?

Each ad in the directory is dedicated to a single organization. We assign a QR code that most mobile phones are able to scan to open the online business listing associated with your Lokal ad. While the printed version can stay at home or in offices, the online version goes with the customer through their mobile devices.

What is a Premium listing?

Business listings in our directory are free for the most part. By signing up as a Lokal advertiser, we automatically upgrade your free listing to a Premium listing which gets displayed in featured sections of the online directory, on top of relevant search results and social media spotlight.

Why should I get the introduction video and how can I use it?

The introduction video makes your online listing more personable because it is a recording of you introducing and presenting your business to the customer. For the customer to see the video we will embed it to your online listing so whenever they scan your dedicated QR code or visit your online listing, they will it in your page. 

Who will design my ad?

You have the option to come up with your own ad and we’re more than happy to provide you with the template to ensure the important sections of your artwork don’t get cut in print production. We also offer graphic design add-on for a minimum fee that will be prepared for you by our team professional designers.

When will you publish Lokal?

We plan to make several editions this year and we are actively seeking applications to put together in one edition. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.

Where are you distributing?

We will be distributing them in select cities in Southern California with a good amount of Filipinos as well as events throughout the year. And yes, you will receive a a copy.

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